Session 08: Cookies

Jacob looked up from playing with Veria as Kami came into the room.  “Uncle Kami, what’cha doing?”

“I’m trying to fix the thing that helps this place run,” Kami said, trying to simplify things for Jacob.  He’d been working on reactivating M.I.R.I. for days, and he felt like he was finally making some progress.

“This place can run!?” Jacob exclaimed.

“No, I mean that I’m working on getting this manse—the place that we’re in right now—to work properly.  A bad, uh, person was in charge of it for a while, but I made that person go away,” Kami explained.  An artificial intelligence wasn’t exactly a person, but he couldn’t think of a better way to frame it for Jacob, so that would have to do.  “Now I have to get a good person to come take over.”

“Oh, you’re a good person!  You can do it, Uncle Kami!”

“No, Jacob,” Kami said, smiling.  “It takes someone special to be in charge of a place like this.  It isn’t something that I can do, but I can help bring back the person who was in charge of this place.”

“You should give the special person cookies!  ‘Livya said if you give people cookies, they get happy and they corp’rate.”  Jacob frowned in concentration, trying to remember something.  “Then she talked to the purple man next to her ‘bout how she could give him something better than cookies, and her voice got all funny.  She was kinda quiet, but I heared her ‘cuz I got really good hearing.  She prob’ly meaned chocolate, and I think she hided it in her room, ‘cuz that’s where she goed with the purple man.”

“Umm…” Kami responded, not quite sure what to say.  Thankfully, Jacob didn’t seem to notice this and just kept talking.

“So then I tried to talk to Lightning Man, but he was busy working on stuff, like you.  Then he goed away.  He was prob’ly mad that he didn’t get cookies.  Then I tried to sing a song I made to Hunter, but he tolded me to stop.  He looked kinda sad though, so I think we should sing him a song to cheer him up.  We could bring him cookies, too!”

“I’m not sure Hunter likes cookies, Jacob.  Or singing,” Kami added.  “Why don’t you sing your song to me while I work?”

“Okay!”  While Jacob launched into song, Kami reminded himself to have a talk with Olivia sometime soon about how observant young children could be…

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