Session 07: Inferno

These events took place during Session 7.

Kami waited patiently for Olivia to calm down the East Valley Mercenary troops.  After witnessing an epic battle between two deathknights, culminating in a rather gruesome beheading, people responded slowly even to Olivia’s persuasive methods.  Luckily, given a bit of time, she was able to reassure the troops, and they listened to her.  Looking around, Kami saw that not only had Hunter been gravely injured, but there was some major collateral damage.  Some of it was even self-inflicted—more than one soldier had gouged out his own eyes rather than witness the horrors.

Focusing intently, Kami reached deep within himself to draw the energy to heal all of these people.  He then quickly went from person to person, heedless of their surprise at being mended.  The action caused his anima banner to burn brightly, and each person affected glowed golden for a few seconds as the healing took place.

After everyone was whole once more, Kami was finally able to relax.  This had taken some effort, but the satisfaction of seeing all of the wounded healed helped make up for that.  While Mithril worked to help the soldiers assemble in order to attack the West Valley Mercenaries, Kami took some time to take in his surroundings.  Although it was dark out, his anima banner clearly lit up the entire camp.

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard clearly throughout the camp.  Kami looked up and saw a very angry man on a rooftop, who began delivering a diatribe that caused Silken Cowl to look extremely uncomfortable.  He looked even more uncomfortable moments later, when a metal pipe was thrust through him.  It appeared that they were about to be engaged in yet another battle, so Kami and Hunter quickly assumed defensive positions.  Kami was able to react instinctively to avoid a fate similar to that of Silken Cowl, and those instincts kept him unharmed throughout the battle.

After fighting off several of the troops, Mithril grabbed Kami and Hunter and flew them to the roof, where the three of them took a stand.  After Mithril “convinced” the general to aid their cause, the angry man ran into the building to escape.  Mithril and Kami pursued, and Kami caught a glimpse of a teleportal and its frequency setting before the explosives knocked them back… or at least, before they tried to do so.  Mithril flew out of the building, but Kami quickly engaged Iron Skin Concentration to avoid taking damage.  Unfortunately, this left him inside the building as it collapsed around him in flames.

Throughout the battle, Jacob had quietly sat in his carrier.  Kami hated the thought of bringing him into situations like this, but as the only person capable of healing and protecting Jacob, there was little choice.  While the boy had grown used to it to an extent, and the carrier muffled some of the harsh sounds of combat, there was only so much Kami could do.

The heat and smoke made it difficult to breathe.  While Kami hadn’t suffered any damage from the building’s collapse, he was pinned by one of the large rafters.  He struggled against it, but was unable to make any progress.  He looked around and quickly realized it was up to him.  Nobody would be foolish enough to come into this inferno after him.  On top of that, it would have been impossible to find him due to the thickening smoke.

Kami felt the carrier shake as Jacob succumbed to yet another coughing fit.  He realized that he had even less time than he had earlier thought—the dangers of smoke inhalation were serious even for a healthy adult, and a sick child could take far less.  Thinking of Jacob, Kami put everything he had into a final heave.  The rafter toppled off, and Kami managed to navigate through the flames to one of the doorways.  Moments afterward, the breeze shifted and fire consumed the rest of the building.

After a quick glance to ensure that the surroundings were safe—at least, as safe as could be expected—Kami took off the carrier and examined Jacob.  While the boy had suffered from severe smoke inhalation and had some minor burns, Kami could tell he would be okay.  He comforted Jacob while checking on the others, to make sure there was nothing life-threatening that demanded his immediate attention.  Satisfied, he set about to healing Jacob.

“You’re okay, Jacob.  I know that was scary, but you’re safe now,” Kami said in calming tones.  “I can’t make it all better right away, but you’re going to be just fine.”  Kami had expended nearly all of his energy and essence, but he had just enough to begin healing Jacob.  He shuddered at the thought of how close things were this time.

While Kami healed Jacob, the young child fell asleep.  Kami had earlier worked on a method for increasing the protection the carrier gave.  However, if the rafter had fallen differently, even that protection might not have been enough.  His thoughts went back to creating a charm to protect the carrier completely.  While it wouldn’t last indefinitely, Kami was beginning to see how to weave flows of Essence in a manner that would protect the carrier from any single blow or attack.  Once he had time to recover from this string of battles and healing, Kami felt he could make progress and grant better protection to Jacob.

In-Game: Kami now has the charm Blessing of Perfect Durability.  It is a perfect defense against a single attack or impact, and it is taken with the compassion flaw.

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