Session 05: Protection

These events took place in the middle of Session 5

Kami had enjoyed having the Moral Ambiguity for a number of reasons.  It allowed them to travel quickly, but it also served as a comfortable home base for them… at least as comfortable as a soulsteel ship could be.  Not only were they able to leave their possessions on the ship, but it also provided a safe place for Jacob during combat.  It had been a long time since Kami had had to fight with Jacob on his back.  Although he was used to it, and Jacob’s illness kept him small, Kami still worried about Jacob’s safety.

The recent incident with the beamklave had helped to drive that home.  While Kami didn’t expect allies to turn on him frequently, it was still a reminder of weapons out there that could severely damage items not made with magical materials.

Until they were able to retrieve the Moral Ambiguity, there might be a lot more fighting with Jacob present.  The carrier protected him for the most part, including from the harsh sounds of combat, but Kami wasn’t comfortable with any vulnerability that could be fixed.  As he and his allies, both old and new, trekked from the research camp to the main camp, Kami began thinking of improvements that could be made.

Kami thought back to his arsenal of medicine charms.  Many things could be done by properly adjusting flows of Essence, with no need for tools of any sort.  Medicine and crafting were actually quite closely related—both involved creating or repairing.  While one dealt with bodies and the other with objects, Kami saw many connections between them.  Kami had a charm for strengthening the body’s defenses, but he had no such process for inanimate objects.  However, there was no reason that something similar couldn’t apply to objects.

To strengthen the body, one merely had to use Essence flows to create multiple pathways supplementing the usual conduits.  This wouldn’t stop damage, but it would allow the body to function normally, or almost normally, in spite of some of the damage it might take.  While not a panacea, it had the ability to make a great difference for a wounded person who found it necessary to continue. Additionally, it could be applied before damage was taken, to reinforce the body, or after, to help repair it temporarily.

A similar possibility must surely exist for inanimate objects.  Many people focused on shoring up weaknesses. That was important, but it was also crucial to identify and enhance strengths.  While the pathways of Essence would not apply in the same way, Kami realized that he could look for the elements of an object that lent it strength and grant redundancies.  Just as several strands woven together proved much more difficult to break, these multiple pathways would increase the amount of force it would take to even begin to damage an object.

Even with additional strength, however, the carrier could be vulnerable to the most powerful attacks.  Kami was unwilling to stand for this.  There were charms out there that could protect an Exalt against any single attack—why not create one to protect an object?  Kami began mulling this process over in his mind.  He knew he would soon find an answer.


(In-Game: Kami now has the charm Object-Strengthening Touch.  He has also begun creating the charm Blessing of Perfect Durability and is currently perfecting the technique.)


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