Thoughts so far #2

If DSB were to oversimplify the interactions of creatures in creation based on her observations she would put everyone in two groups. Those that are well meaning and those that manipulate the well meaning.

Kami just wanted to help her people and was instead being used by the silken bastard.

Olivia just wanted to do her job yet was thrown under the assembly line.

Golden Gaze just wanted to help bring back Autothon and instead was duped into buying stolen goods.

On the topic of manipulating others and the people I’m traveling with now, it would seem they have been given ample opportunity to capture



2 thoughts on “Thoughts so far #2

  1. Debbie Seacrest

    Great description of Kami– you can see his thoughts on my “Recruitment” post from yesterday, if you haven’t already. (Maybe that’s what prompted the thoughts; I don’t know.) One minor detail: Kami is male. Other than that, you definitely described him well.

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