Session 03: Recruitment

Note: These events took place shortly before the beginning of Session 3

Kami had been recruited to work on Project Seraph, and he was thrilled to be working for such a noble cause.  At first he had been slightly concerned about working for people he didn’t know, but after some thought, he realized it made perfect sense.  There are plenty of anonymous benefactors who are simply too modest to share their deeds.  If anything, this probably meant they were even more generous and kind than he first thought.

The subdermal essence implant was the first piece of equipment Kami studied.  He realized that implanting it would allow him to insert essence modulators, which had a variety of uses.

Nearly everyone in Creation knew that different types of essence had different effects.  Most also knew that such essence could only be transformed into other kinds by natural processes… until now.  By turning ordinary essence into Wood-aspected essence, Kami could endow patients with great healing and regeneration abilities.  Another chip allowed people to regrow missing limbs, while a third led to greater abilities of muscles and nerves, which let people be much more mobile and dexterous.  This more than counteracted the slight problem of having to readjust to regrown limbs.

Between the materials supplied and the impressive laboratory, the work was quite easy.  Helping a few of those wounded soldiers regrow their limbs and return to duty gave Kami a feeling of great satisfaction.  Kami also found that he truly enjoyed teaching some of the doctors around him, and they seemed to study his techniques carefully.

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