Session #21

The party is in a crystalline cave with a gremlin that is housing a crazy lady, and a Dalek has just rolled around the corner, shrieking “EXTERMINATE!”  Olivia’s social attack has compelled the lady, Scars, to start monologuing, so while she’s doing that and the rest of the party gets ready for battle, Hunter casts Trolling the Dark Waters, which pulls Scars out of the soulgem she’s occupying and forces her to materialize.  Quite a natural time to roll Join Battle!

Olivia gets the jump on everyone and grapples Scars and pulls her away, as the gremlin she was occupying crumples to the ground, immobile.  Hunter, low on essence still/already, decides to see if the gremlin has any essence in it, and sure enough, it does!  As he cleaves it, it attempts to wriggle away, as it was apparently playing dead!  After two hits from Hunter it’s no longer “playing” dead.  Hunter then makes an attack on the immobile Scars which brings her to incapacitated, leaving her barely conscious.  Kami moves into a defensive position in front of Hunter, forgetting that Olivia is defenseless while grappling.  The Dalek, on its turn, has not forgotten this, and judges Olivia to be a threat, so it attempts to blast her with its ray gun, but using a combination of stunting, essence, force shields, and Kami’s health levels, Olivia takes no real damage.  The Dalek also attempts to blast Kami, vaporizing his spear, but doing no damage to him.  Facing formidable opponents, the Dalek then blasts the roof of the crystal cave directly above the three of them, and in the chaos of Kami protecting everyone from falling crystals, the Dalek snatches Scars away.

Mithril goes for a heavily committed attack using his laser-drill, pushing enough to barely touch the Dalek, which releases his axiomatic lightning attick that does aggravated damage.  The Dalek is now quite angry, and when Olivia next attacks it, trying to grapple its weapons into a useless position, it attempts to grapple HER with its suction cup rod (yes, all the innuendos were made).  Olivia narrowly manages to prevent her soul from being sucked out her bosoms and holds the weapons at bay.

Mithril has had just about enough of this silliness and, with a momentary calming of his mind and focusing of his will, brings the wind around him into a tornado-like vortex that is powerful enough to slowly lift the Dalek into the air.  Mithril then hops on top of it and starts drilling into the ceiling with his laser drill.

Kami can’t really fly so he investigates the quiescent dark god, and finds (with yet another absurd number of craft successes) that the technology in the cave is preventing anything from detecting the dark god or any gremlin-like essence.  The field does not extend outside the cave though, which was what Mithril was hoping for.  Hunter runs up the ceiling and into the tunnel that Mithril is digging and relays this info, and also attempts to whack the Dalek, with some success.  Olivia is expending essence like crazy to hold the Dalek in place, as it keeps struggling to get free using excellencies and Principle of Motion, but she estimates that they can breach the surface of the crystal mountain before it gets loose.  Right as they reach where she believes the peak is, Mithril lets go, falls below the Dalek, and with a final condemnation on behalf of Autochthon, fires his laser drill into the Dalek with Judgment’s Punishing Railgun.  The Dalek is blasted out of the mountain, into the air of the Elemental Pole of Crystal, and in the next moment is vaporized by Autochthon’s Thought Lightning.

The party collects the wreckage of the laboratory and imprisons Scars with repeated blows to the head, and Mithril sends Move Point back to get reinforcements.  The party examines the materials around further but make little attempt to actually find things out.  Mostly, everyone is really tired.  Kami does summon the energy to make a new spear from some magical materials lying around (rolling 17 successes!), but essentially time fast forwards to when Move Point returns with a team of specialists who collect the dark god for imprisonment and Scars for questioning.

The party returns triumphant and crashes before making a full report.  Kami in particular sees no reason to lie and so the entire story is told to the Tripartite Council.  The council takes everything under advisement, including Olivia’s pushing for relations between Kamak and the Guild, but makes no commitments.  They also suggest that the party be scanned.  Everyone seems to be fine (Jacob is definitely cured!) but Olivia seems to have microscopic tracking devices in her shoulder.  No one knows about these, and they’re removed fairly easily, but this leads to more questions.  Also Mithril has a new assignment and is deployed on it immediately, and while Olivia requests that Mithril be their liaison to Creation from now on, he seems to be moved off to a new mission without delay.  The rest of the party then decides to head back through the portal, which is still guarded by ecstatic Jadeborn.

When Olivia comes back through the portal, she notices her bracelet of shared life is pulsing, being turned off and on perhaps, like a distress signal.  She books it back to the Moon-Sheltered Manse with Kami and Hunter in tow, but finds everything okay there.  One of Olivia’s minions brings Kami aside into a separate room and reveals himself to be Richard, the Solar who works for the Bull of the North.  He implores Kami to come with him back to the Northeast, as the Bull has need of Kami’s skills.  Kami expresses concern for Olivia, but Richard is dismissive of her, explaining that the Bull of the North has an insider with information that Olivia won’t last much longer and she has a dark fate.  When Kami asks for more info about this project, Richard lets slip that they almost have access to the Golden Army, but they need Kami’s medical and technological skills to complete the project.  Kami wants to talk to Hunter first.

Hunter and Kami talk in a separate room, and Hunter is dubious, as it’s the same sort of thing that got them here in the first place, though at least the Bull of the North is being up front about building an army.  Kami rolls compassion and succeeds, and can’t bring himself to spend willpower to leave Olivia to her fate, so they go talk to her.  Olivia is nonplussed that she has been written off by the Sidereals and the Bull of the North, but she is resolved to go up to her manse in the far north to at least find out what’s happening.  Kami and Hunter are going with her, which means it will take longer, but they will at least be together.


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