Session #20

The session begins with a Join Battle roll.  Everyone except Olivia and the Pool of Death rolls poorly.  Fortunately, Olivia charges the Pool of Death as he stands on his impressive oil vortex and successfully grapples him, dealing some crushing damage and hovering in midair with him in tow.  On Hunter’s action, he leaps up and over and bears down on the Pool of Death, dealing a mighty blow of 10 lethal damage, causing the Pool of Death to cry out, “OW! My favorite kidney!”  Hunter proceeds to wail on the Pool of Death repeatedly with his full combo, blasting blood and organs in all directions while Olivia continues to firmly grip him in place.

Mithril escapes the oil grip with some effort and flies into the air, and Kami, concerned for Jacob in the carrier on his back, manages to push himself out and vaults to the nearest control panel.  Hunter continues to batter the Pool of Death, tallying a total of 120 lethal damage after two full combos, with the Pool of Death continuing to wisecrack, and the contested grapple rolls are taking all of Olivia’s effort to maintain (one roll was won by Olivia, 19-18).  The Pool of Death also tempts the DM to cheat on his grapple rolls, and he also has a massive Abyssal anima banner rolling.

Kami finds the panel is a control panel for a municipal charm that creates a psycho-social field that controls the gremlins.  The field is being used to counter the effects of the Crown of Thunders and force the gremlins back into Mossan.  Kami activates Craftsman Needs Only Caffeine, rips the panel off, tampers with the wires, and manages to hack the field and set it into a feedback loop that starts wasting essence.

What Kami sees when he looks at the control panel for the psycho-social municipal charm

What Kami sees when he looks at the control panel for the psycho-social municipal charm

Mithril, meanwhile, has accessed the central core of Erlik and realizes he still has the soul-storing gemstone containing the soul of Hunger of a Hundred Years.  He communes with the Oblivion-craving Abyssal and persuades him to try and convince Erlik to enter Oblivion, which Hunger seems excited about.  Mithril then sockets the soul stone into the control panel, and a loading bar appears.

About this time, Olivia detects the footsteps of an approaching mob, which she warns the group about.  Hunter activates his flight ability and grabs Kami and flies over.  Entering the hallway, Kami lights it as bright as noon, showing a horde of grungy gremlinized humans with weapons approaching.  Mithril flies over as well, blasting a large group with his lightning storm, then snares a corpse with his lasso and flies off with it.  Kami uses Defend Other to swat away a number of crossbow shots, and is hit by several for zero damage.  Hunter lands among them and slaughters several.

Olivia, worrying about the approaching mob, flies up to the ceiling, but hits something invisible, and warns the party.  Mithril flies back, and with his essence sight he sees another control panel like the others, but embedded in the ceiling.  He and Olivia cooperate on netting the Pool of Death and keeping him held, and then they fly out while Hunter flies Kami back into the control room.  Kami’s goggles can see a polygon-like outline of an illusion concealing the control panel.  Hunter flies Kami up to the ceiling and uses him to break the barrier.  Once through, Kami quickly finds the power control for the invisibility field, and shuts it down.

Erlik is now exposed to the cruise missiles previously heading for Mossan, so Kami and Hunter rush out as quickly as possible.  Meanwhile Mithril locates an incoming cruise missile and starts to spin the Pool of Death and Olivia around and at the right moment they let go and the Pool of Death careens into the path of the cruise missile.  Built with a void-essence-suppression field, it deactivates his Devil Arm in his chest that regenerates him, and with a final scream about Narrative, his worst enemy, he is blown into a million pieces.  Mithril’s essence sight confirms nothing remains.

The party regroups and watches cruise missiles pour into Erlik, rapidly laying waste to the gremlin city.  The central core soon detaches and flies away like an escape pod rocket, causing everyone some concern, but Mithril watches with smug satisfaction.  Sure enough, when they meet up with Move Point again, he charts Erlik’s course as heading towards Oblivion.  The day is saved!  Mithril also corrects Move Point when he says his name: he is now Mithril the Railgun.

Move Point is still worried about something else: Erlik’s course brought it very near the Elemental Pole of Crystal, and he wants to go check it out.  Most of their Aerial Skiffs were badly damaged but one needs only a few hours of skilled work, which Kami completes by himself at a leisurely pace.  Soon the party is zooming away towards the Godhead itself.

While on the way, Move Point asks about the Pool of Death and what he was after, and whether he had any companions.  Remembering he was accompanied by a strange spider like gremlin, Move Point expresses concern that this other enemy may still be around.

The Elemental Pole of Crystal is a massive, glowing spire of crystal ringed with hills of crystal.  Mithril and Move Point are concerned at the absence of guards, and Olivia spots one of the mountains has blackened scars around it.  There is also an entrance hidden away.  Move Point stays with the ship while the party investigates.

Inside are piles upon piles of rubbish, junk, and equipment of various kinds.  In a makeshift lab there are two things to see: a large purple glowing essence of some kind, contained in a magnetic field; and the same gremlin from before with the soulstone still installed, projecting a hologram of a very crazy looking lady with a Glasgow smile.  She greets the party politely and claims she is just doing harmless research, but Olivia’s Measure the Wind reads that the machine contains an Essence 5 Ghost and that the other thing is an Essence 6 God, stripped of most of its awareness and power.  As Olivia mutters this to the group, Hunter starts shaping a Necromantic spell and the others prepare for battle.

Olivia uses her persuasion to force the lady to explain herself, and she claims her name is Scars, or that’s what her name is after she sold her real name when she was still alive.  She says her research has been in corrupting gods and she hopes to corrupt Autochthon himself, using one of her new servants.  Around a corner rolls a tall, domed cylinder with an eyestalk, a probe and a weapon protruding from it, and Olivia’s Measure the Wind reads it as another Essence 6 God.  It shrieks hatefully, “Exterminate!”

Some hilarity:

  • Louis: “I’m going to use a Rear Naked Choke on him”  (He helpfully provides a link that everyone is very hesitant to click on)
  • Louis: “I’m going to attack Deadpool.”  DM: “He corrects you, “It’s the Pool of Death actually””.  Louis: “Of course.”
  • The Pool of Death, variously: “OW! My favorite kidney!”  “Oh if you were here [in Olivia’s grasp] you wouldn’t want to leave either!” “Hey DM, come on, tell them I succeeded, they won’t know!” “Noooo! NARRATIVE!  My only weakness!”  Also at one point the DM claims there is more blood floating on the oil than there is volume in the Pool of Death’s body.
  • Eli: “I don’t want to be a dick about it.  I flip Kami back around, we kiss, as we slam into the ceiling.”
  • DM: “Oh yes Move Point’s actual name is (∂x/dt,∂y/dt).”  Everyone else: “…” DM: “Because he’s a moving point.”  Everyone else: *facefault*
  • DM: “Okay Kami you’re hit, what’s your lethal soak?”  Debbie: “A ton.  Uhm…. 31.”  Eli: “If the Pool of Death had that soak I would basically give up, no point to it.”

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