Session #18

This session was essentially another downtime session.

Olivia spends more time making trips out to her Factory Cathedral to provide herself and the circle with various upgrades (including Exceptional Great Coats of Solidity), while also equipping the circle’s minions with Sentinel Defense Force Armor and Shock Pikes.  She also takes advantage of the portal to the Moral Ambiguity to spend time in Nexus building her powerbase in the Guild, and establishes key Contacts for her future bid to become a Hierarch.

Kami works to cure Jacob using a combination of Craft (Magitech), Craft (Genesis), Occult, and Medicine (full story here).  After some heart-stopping setbacks and a lot of late nights and essence-fueled rolls, Jacob appears to be cured!  This is the culmination of like two years of real time work on Debbie’s part.  Olivia returns to the manse to find Kami Dragon-Ball-Z-ing as his Essence increases from completing his motivation.

Hunter, meanwhile, has made it out to the Skullstone archipelago to try and secure a Monstrance of Celestial Portion.  He initiates a meeting with his spy, Kraig Kelm, still operating in the bureaucracy, who notes the Monstrances are probably in the main palace somewhere, but doesn’t have any other real leads.  The war is creating a lot of chaos, so Hunter asks to be taken to where there was a battle recently.  Once there, at a tavern still damaged from the previous day’s fight, Hunter activates an investigation combo and scores arbitrarily high successes from a single glance.  He recognizes a Lunar came here looking for information, was ambushed by guards, fought his way out, and is still nearby as a seagull.  Hunter meets with this Lunar in a back alley, and recognizes him as Miller Ennium, the Falcon-totem Lunar from the pack he met earlier.

Hunter manages to secure Miller’s help, promising to aid him in his quest for revenge against Ebon Siaka, the Abyssal who murdered his pack mates.  Hunter says to do this they need to know where her Monstrance of Celestial Portion is, so Miller uses his shapeshifting to scope out the palace, and returns with the information that they’re in a heavily guarded room in the lower area.  There is a back door which is not locked but is guarded, for kitchen staff access.  Hunter has his spy leave so as not to attract suspicion to himself, then goes down to the lower access door, kicks it open and calls the guards to attention.  They scatter their deck of cards as they rush to attention, and Hunter rapidly murders them all.  Then it’s through some winding hallways, and to the locked and barred door behind which the monstrances are secreted.  Hunter indicates that this is Miller’s job, so he turns into a centipede, slithers through the bottom of the door, then a moment later the door is thrown open and the guards inside are desperately trying to catch the crazy monkey that is jumping around like crazy and crapping on the guards.  Hunter slips inside and locks the door behind himself, and after a brief scuffle, ghost blood ichor oozes out under the door.

Now the getting the Monstrance out part.  First Hunter peers into each one, finding several new Abyssals still lost or in training, one who is having an angry meeting with a non-cooperative contact complaining about “the Clown” not being ready, and Ebon Siaka herself, who is brooding at the bow of the Silver Prince’s flagship.  To remove the Monstrance, Miller transforms into a Yeddim and drags it out with Hunter’s help.  Once they’re out of the palace, Hunter realizes he doesn’t have a plan past here, so he scribbles in the journal the date and the coordinates for a boat, and lo and behold, there is a ship right where Hunter had asked for one!  The ship is a strange mechanical one of some kind, crewed by robots and with a partially mechanized Sidereal for a captain.  The man introduces himself as Hesperos, and has his robots load the Monstrance before taking off.  He notes that Miller does not have clearance to enter Yu-Shan, and Hunter claims he’ll get back to him soon about how this will help him with his revenge, sorry!

Hunter and Hesperos chat a bit, Hesperos is particularly interested in any and all info relating to Hunter’s Alchemical friends, since Autochthonia is his assignment.  Apparently he was captured by Yugash, tortured and experimented on, but is now back in Creation as a Sidereal charged with learning about his former captors and their movements.  The news that the new Alchemicals are from Kamak is fascinating to him, and he asks about how they got to Creation, noting that only a Municipal charm could have breached the Seal of Eight Divinities.

Once in Yu-Shan, they rapidly return to the Forbidding Manse of Ivy, and some divine servants drag the Monstrance up to Lytek’s lab.  Lytek is still busily working away on The Bro and Navrali Tova, but getting this Monstrance is very exciting for him.  He also wants the Abyssal who it matches, but suggests he knows a Sidereal with a secretive black ops squad that can collect her.  Hunter is unnerved by Lytek’s continued casualness with which he treats living things and leaves as soon as is polite.  He is dropped off back in Nexus and quickly gets power-hugged by Olivia, excited to see him.  She’s apparently in Nexus making friends of all kinds, a power play designed to ultimately become a Hierarch of Nexus.  Olivia is also having thaumaturgical enchantments placed on herself to obscure anyone’s attempt to read her mind.  And getting her nails done, because that’s the kind of girl she is.

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