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Session #15

The party is stationed at the Moon-Sheltered Manse which has now been fully warded by the Guild agents and is guarded by Olivia’s army of doomjustice. M.I.R.I. has just sounded the alarm that an unidentified Haslanti airboat is approaching at high speed. Kami stashes Jacob in a safe room in the manse guarded by Olivia’s low-power minions while the stronger ones stand guard at the entrance, which is a door built into the cliff side with stairs jutting out of the rock leading up to the top of the cliff and also down to the beach. Hunter and Kami are right at the door, and Blade positions herself higher up on the stairs. Olivia and Mithril stand at the top of the cliff. Soon Mithril spots the airship approaching from over the forest and uses his telescopic vision to determine that the ship is in fact the same one they encountered earlier, crewed by demons and demon-blooded cultists, and accompanied by demon wasps.

Olivia flies up to meet the ship and keeps a close eye on it as it approaches. She can see the crew is mostly demons such as blood apes but with some humans as well. She can also see on the main deck are three people who are not crewing the ship but are deliberating amongst themselves. There is a tall dark-skinned and bare-chested man with a black mask, a blong curly-haired man wearing heavy armor and with a large bulky device on his back, and a woman carrying a metal rod with an elliptical ring on one end with some kind of mesh inside. The ship is approaching quickly but seems to be slowing down to pull up over the manse.

As they reach shouting range, Olivia pulls wyld energy through her bracer, mutating her to increase her ability to project herself, and called on the ship to halt in the name of the guild, and that they should state their business, so that all could profit. Her social attack is so powerful that it compels the ship captain to bother with diplomacy. His idea of diplomacy is to demand the bell and he would spare them. Olivia claims (truthfully) that they do not have the bell anywhere in the manse and invites them to come verify this claim. The captain accepts this invitation, so the tall man and the woman then fly down on wasps and approach. Once they are in range Olivia uses Measure the Wind and discovers they are both essence 5 exalts, which is a bit of a butt-puckering moment. Mithril stays to watch as Olivia leads them down the steps past Blade. The man’s mask eyeholes pulse with red light and he exchanges a glance with the sorceresss, and before they reach the manse door she slams the staff end of her device into the ground, and as he activates some kind of charm a sphere of blue essence completely engulfs them both. Battle is joined!

Mithril covers his approach to the ship with a smoke cloud and sticks to the underside of the airship with magnetism, but a moment later the third member of the enemy group jumps off the side of the ship and activates the jet pack on his back, flying past Mithril and blasting him with ice, which Mithril blocks with his beamklave. Kami inspects the sphere, finding it to be some kind of essence field. Hunter uses his grand daiklave to collapse some rocks onto the sphere, with minimal results.

Olivia now deploys her entire bank of Principle of Motion actions. She activates the Crown of Thunders and demands that the two on the stairs surrender and join them (though the essence field simply ripples and no other effect occurs) and then flies over to the airship and makes the same demand, this time with much better effect. The mortals have no ability to resist and immediately turn on the demons. She then flies over to the flyer, grapples him, and squeezes the life out of him (finally overflowing his damage with a huge 7-bashing squeeze) and then returns to the manse. On his next action Mithril flies back to the ship and uses his beamklave to carve a large hole in the armor of the underside of the ship.

From inside the sphere, shining silver fists reach out and attempt to punch Hunter, Blade and Kami in the face, with success only on Blade (all three can see Old Realm script written on the hand in glowing green letters, though only Hunter identifies it as the Sutra of the One-Handed Maiden). Blade is aiming her cannon and fires, but the sphere absorbs the blast. Hunter is still standing on the wall and tries leaning his sword into the sphere, with no effect, so he makes a mighty slash and cuts the rock that forms the stair that they are standing on. With this single blow the rock is shattered, and the sphere suddenly disappears. In that same moment, the tall dark man grabs the sorceress, throws her up into the air, then grabs onto the adjacent stair as he falls, heaves himself up into the air, and activates a combo to punch everyone savagely in the groin which also propels him up into the air, where he catches the sorceress and pulls them both onto the top of the cliff. His blows to Hunter and Blade are vicious, but his blow to Kami is worse because he deals 7 damage (3 of which were soaked by his anima and the other 4 of which took out his Anointment of Miraculous Health levels) and knocks him 25 yards out to sea, where he immediately starts to sink since he weighs 1400 lbs.

Kami calls for help, so Olivia abandons her plan of re-activating Principle of Motion and instead flies out to grab him. With a burst of channeling conviction, Olivia is able to drag Kami out of the water and flies him into the air. Meanwhile, Blade takes a potshot at the martial artist then activates her healing charm, regenerating all the damage she’s taken rather quickly. Hunter sprints up the cliff face to attack the martial artist and manages to land a hit and successfully parries the counterattack. Hunter’s attack only drains a few motes, meaning his opponent is now dry, and so on his next action all he can do is try to punch Hunter at range with his long-range silver fist. Hunter takes the hit, though Olivia’s flyby allowed Kami to give Hunter more health levels.

Meanwhile, Mithril has activated Judgment’s Punishing Railgun and blasted a hole through the airship that the sky can be seen through. Around then, the ship captain, apparently failing to quell the mutiny on his ship, is forced to activate his trump card while he still can: a monstrous demon materializes at the prow of the ship and falls to the ground. It is huge, red-carapaced and radially symmetrical. After it recovers from the shock of the fall, it turns itself inside out so it is a spinning cone of sharp teeth and starts drilling through the rock directly above the manse.

Olivia can see the sorceress is seconds from completing her spell so she drops Kami above the sorceress, then dives, clinches the sorceress, and holds her in place so they both take damage from Kami falling on them. Olivia takes some bashing damage, but the sorceress takes some as well and her red-glowing hands are pinned apart, unable to complete the spell. Kami then leaps up and channels his conviction to try to stab her.  He connects but fails to do damage due to her anima power.  Worried about Jacob’s safety if they are overtaken, Kami changes tactics and channels his compassion to charge the martial artist, with the goal of knocking him off the cliff.  He manages to connect for 1 lethal damage (thanks to the stunt die remembered at the end!) and the martial artist double-botches his athletics roll to keep his balance, falls off the cliff onto Hunter’s sword for more damage, then finally hits the rocky beach for KO damage. Kami then tries running back and stabbing the sorceress again, but botches and almost hits Olivia, though the quick-thinking Olivia blocks using the sorceress as a human shield. A moment later, Blade’s aimed shot blasts the sorceress in the face, knocking her unconscious.

Meanwhile, Mithril channels his conviction and activates his armor’s air manipulation to create a cone of dense, fast-moving air and activates his electricity power through his armor to turn it to plasma, and neatly slices the front of the airship off using his massive plasma cutter. The prow of the ship (with the captain still on it) falls onto the drilling demon, squashing it like a bug, then catches fire. The aft portion of the ship drifts away with the cultists and the demons still battling. A moment later, the captain staggers out of the wreckage, triumphant that he survived. A moment after that, an origami paper blade spears him through the chest. He regards this briefly before dying. Behind him is a heavily shrouded figure who dramatically approaches Mithril, asking about the other enemies. Mithril and Olivia report that they are taken care of. The figure nods and approaches the group gathered around the unconscious sorceress. Olivia uses Measure the Wind again and notes this individual is an essence 4 exalt. He (or maybe she) says: “Pleased to meet you. My name is Alex, and we have much to discuss.”


Some funny things:

  • DM: “The man’s right hand seems wrong somehow. It’s black and angular and covered in runes.” Eli: “Ah, he’s the god of handshakes…”
  • Kami didn’t have any way of rerolling his botch against Olivia because he had already used his point of lucky to reroll a double botch on a perception+linguistics roll to recognize the old realm script on the martial artist’s hand, which would probably also have turned out bad for the party…
  • DM: “Hm, actually he’s going to try to punch you all in the groin so he can use his excellency.” Everyone else: “…..”
  • DM, on inspecting Blade’s regeneration charm: “Oh no wonder it’s so good, it’s as expensive as Mithril’s mindrape charm!”
  • Eli: “But she’s made of squish and Kami is made of clang.”
  • DM: “Taylor, the only reason I’m letting you get away with this is that you’ve been building up to this for three hours. I’m not letting you plasma-cutter everything from now on.” Taylor: “Oh I know, my goal is to kill everything with a different attack this campaign.”
  • Debbie: “Oh! Now I remember what I was going to do.  I was going to Defend Other on Olivia!”  Everyone else: “…”  DM: “IRONY.”
  • The bad guys were The Bro, the black mask beast; Navrali Tova; and Clarky Bobbe, the Flyer…