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This is the official announcement of the new serial Exalted campaign, Hearts of Silver.  Welcome!!

Current roster looks something like this:


  • Louis, playing a mortal from the Guild
  • Keith, playing some kind of warrior (possibly Dragon-blooded or Lunar)
  • Jason W expressed some interest but may join late
  • Tim expressed interest but have not been able to confirm how late on Sunday he can play, may not work out sorry to say


  • Debbie, playing Kami from Tides of Fortune
  • Taylor, playing an Alchemical named Mithril the Electromaster Accelerator
  • Jason J, possibly playing an Alchemical as well

Due to restrictions from committed players, the play time will be Sunday afternoon, probably looking at a 4PM-9PM Pacific timeslot.

Due to restrictions on the DM’s time and on other peoples’, the campaign will be biweekly, on alternating Sundays.  The first session is tentatively scheduled for November 10th (two weeks from now), though depending on commitments it may just be a character-building session.  The Sunday two weeks after is the end of Thanksgiving weekend so I’ll be confirming with each player whether they want to play then or not.

Setting will probably be in the Northeast to start, though like one of my inspirations, the Bourne series, the location may shift rapidly to suit the plot!  The major themes include internal factionalization within the Guild, the reconnection of Autochthonia with Creation, and the continuing attempts by the Yozis to invade Creation.