What is Eli?

In case you haven’t heard (slash forgot slash didn’t care) my take on running a game, here are some expectations for the upcoming Exalted campaign:

1) Not my world. Everyone is free to add anything that doesn’t contradict established facts of the campaign. The best way for me to find out what interests and challenges you is to let you tell me and to listen to you. I am assuming we’re going with the world presented in Exalted 3e, but that leaves a vast amount of space to fill in. Help fill the world with whatever makes your character complete and interesting!

2) Story first. Don’t tell me what dice you will roll. Do tell me what your character is doing. Even if you’re using a Charm or other ability that relies on a dice roll, I may tell you that you succeed without rolling

3) Don’t ask, DO tell. Questions like, “Is there a…?” are up to you. If you think it’s reasonable that your character could find a tree to hide behind or a tea house to warm up in or a rock to bash someone’s skull with, I agree with you, so just say what you do.

4) Conflicts, not tasks. We’ll roll dice when something is at stake. Are you searching an ancient library for a scroll of exorcism rituals? You succeed. Are you unable to read the language the thousands of scrolls here are written in? You fail. Is the library on fire? Sounds like we need to roll.

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