Traveler’s Guide to the Scavenger Lands – The Naya

At the base of the mountains northwest of Great Forks is the village of the Naya people. They are a tribal people who worship ancient animal gods who they believe are the apex of nature being a perfection of both man and beast. The Naya pride themselves as masters of taming beasts, everything from raising livestock for food to dangerous predators as formidable hunting animals. The most important families raise predators for hunting and battle while the less significant families raise live stock to feed the village. The population of Naya is a couple hundred people, the most prestigious families live closest to the mountain while the families that raise live stock live on the fields at the borders of the village. Behind the house of the village’s chief is a cave the Naya believe is sacred and use it for spiritual journeys in their coming of age ceremony. They¬†are one of several tribes in the area and are often at war with them and have perfected fighting against larger numbers. Every so often they send a small group to trade with Great Forks for anything they might need.

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