Letter to Great-Grandmother Tam

Dear Great-Grandmother Tam,

You’ve said that I’m not grateful for your teaching, but I am. I know you’ve taught me a lot. It’s just not fair that you keep me locked up here when I need to be learning things about the world as well as spells. That’s why I decided to leave here, to learn more about what’s out there! You don’t understand what it’s like, because you’re older and you’ve experienced the world and chosen to come here for the past nine years. I didn’t get to choose, and that’s just not right.

It also isn’t fair that you promised we could start to explore the world after my initiation into sorcery. I made it through, and now you say that we can’t go yet because I haven’t Exalted. It’s not my fault that you didn’t think I could become a sorcerer until after I received the gift of the Dragons. I’m going to go, and I’ll use what you’ve taught me. You’ll see just how ready I am for the world.

  • Arza

P.S. I’m taking some of the spellbooks I was working with, but I’ll take good care of them and bring them back when I can. If you care about me as much as you say you do, you’ll want me to have them to further my education.

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