You did not meet in a tavern

Let’s put together some shared history for the characters. Everyone should come up with 2 or 3 decently developed ideas.

1) Create a simple adventure hook appropriate to your character. Be specific enough to draw in other players – mention obstacles, rewards, and threats that could interest their characters. Write a sentence or three describing the situation and leaving room for someone to join you in solving your problem. Example: Ushiko, a roving bounty hunter, decided to pursue a bounty on the head of a suspected murderer fleeing justice in Echo Falls and needed an experienced tracker who knew the forest well.

2) Someone else can add the next element of the story, resolving some problems but possibly creating others. Repeat this step more than once if it seems appropriate. Example: Smiling Bear agreed to help pursue the bounty. She didn’t tell Ushiko that it was her brother who was murdered and that he had no interest in seeing the killer put on trial. When they caught up to the fugitive, Smiling Bear tried to kill him on the spot.

3) Wrap up the story, typically leaving some loose ends or not resolving the situation at all. Example: When Smiling Bear tried to choke the fugitive to death, Ushiko intervened, accidentally allowing the criminal to escape. Smiling Bear was enraged, but Ushiko pointed out that the killer had been left handed, while the fugitive was not. He was likely fleeing because of his involvement in the crime, but the murderer was still out there.

4) Explain what came of it. Add new intimacies or adjust your character to fit your new vision.  Example: Ushiko, ashamed, promises to help Smiling Bear avenge her brother, adding several intimacies. Smiling Bear’s player comes up with some ideas for an investigation, even though her character wouldn’t know much yet. Also, Smiling Bear will add some Survival Charms as soon as she exalts, as well as a Limit Trigger that reflects her impatience. She also throws some extra dots into Brawl and Survival.

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