Let’s get intimate, 3e style!

Some ideas on crafting intimacies that are likely to come into play and help you play the character you want to play.

1) Keep it relevant. Make sure you care about something your character will encounter regularly. If you are in love with the Scarlet Empress or are devoted to the people of Autocthonia, no one will ever try to make you act on this feeling.

2) Use what you know. In the past, the four virtues did the work of intimacies, but they’re dead now. That doesn’t mean they ‘re useless! Would this character have a high Compassion? Come up with some principles that would lead him to be kind to specific kinds of people (or all people, if you enjoy a challenge). Does she lack Temperance? Give her a few specific vices.

3) Create drama. Make up NPCs to love or hate, and give them enough power or trouble to make your life interesting. Maybe your lover is devoted to the Wyld Hunt, or your impetuous younger sibling is a daring thief hunted by the Guild.

4) Play nice with everyone except me. Don’t be so greedy or amoral that you’ll screw over your friends’ characters. Don’t be so greedy or amoral that my characters can easily tempt you into murdering innocents and screwing over your friend’s characters. It still may happen, but you’ll probably feel bad if it’s easy. Ties to other PCs are a good idea, as are some principles that keep you from doing whatever a pretty lady with a bag of silver asks of you.

5) It takes a village.  You have parents. You’re from a place. What did that do to you? Do you seek to emulate some role model? Are you rebelling against the culture that raised you? You’ve had to at least consider the lessons of your family and your home, so include an intimacy or two that reflects how you’ve accepted or rejected some of the beliefs you grew up with.

6) Everybody hurts. Creation is a harsh place, so there’s a good chance something really bad has happened to you. What’s the effect of that hurt? Do you have a serious grudge against someone? Have you generalized your bad experience into some principle?

7) In Russia, car drives you! Creation is a weird place too. You could say you came from a bog standard town, but what’s the fun in that? Weird laws and customs, unusual distribution of natural resources, unusual forms of government, and interactions with the supernatural can shape your views and habits.

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