Sorcerous Working for Ladis

Arza was frustrated.  She felt like she was close to a breakthrough in her sorcery, but she couldn’t quite seem to make progress.  Thinking back to things her great-grandmother had taught her hadn’t helped, so she began to think about other sorcerers she had known.  She was suddenly reminded of Ladis, the sorcerer who had been cursed and now had tentacles instead of arms.  Perhaps he would have some insight.  Quickly, she sent a message to him, asking him to meet her in a location near Echo Falls.  She offered to try to cure his ailment if he could teach her what he knew.  She received a message back almost instantly, in which he promised to meet her that day.

When they met, Ladis seemed relieved to have someone who might be able to help.  He taught her how to brew the Soul-Perfecting Elixir that would allow her to advance in her studies, and she then focused on his problem.  Between her medical knowledge and her sorcery, she was able to come up with a plan: she would use a combination of acupuncture and putting his tentacle arms in a mold and encouraging them to grow properly.

She began by going to Axel and putting thick plaster around his arms—after all, he wasn’t using them right now, and this might eventually help her to help him.  After it dried, she carefully cut the plaster off and took it back to Ladis.  She explained her plan, and though he seemed slightly dubious, he was willing to try.  Each day, Arza checked on him, and he grew more and more encouraged as his arms began to take their proper shape.  In just two weeks, Ladis had perfectly normal arms and hands.  Thrilled, he said he was off to read a tome he’d acquired but been unable to peruse.  He was very grateful to Arza, and he asked her to let him know if she needed anything.  She thanked him and said she would.

As Arza was leaving, she off-handedly asked what he was reading.  He showed her the book, and she realized with astonishment that it was one of hers.  He explained that he had purchased it at the Silent Court, and he told her the Court would meet again soon.  She hopes to look into this further, but perhaps other things are more pressing.