Encounter with the Wildspeaker

Arturia was quite pleased to see Echo Falls during its Flower Festival, she quite enjoyed events like these. After spending a long time running through the jungle and fighting Wyld monstrosities she was in the mood to relax during the festival. She bought a variety of festival food and found a nice place to rest where her pets wouldn’t trouble the rest of the populace.

While they were engorging themselves, she couldn’t help but feel like she was being watched. Now that wasn’t unusual as Arturia herself was an unusual person, but this felt different more akin to the way she would watch prey she was hunting. She remained on guard, but nothing came of it whatever was watching her intended to do just that. She tried to send Seregios overhead and use his eyes to find it, but to no avail.

The next day was no different, something would watch her and try as she may, she could not catch it. During her end of day meal, she felt like the presence had stopped watching her. Just as she was about to relax, she saw a hooded figure out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look, but with inhuman quickness it nonchalantly walked pass her undeterred and unobstructed by Narga and Zinogre. It grabbed her staff and quickly fled, Arturia immediately gave chase.

Arturia was led across several different parts of Echo Falls as she gave chase, until she had reached the slums she had visited when working with Axel. The hooded figure finally stopped and let Arturia catch up. Revealing the face of an aged man, he tossed the staff back to her, “You’ve done well to keep up, it seems you might be worthy of that artifact after all.”

Arturia caught her staff and replied, “Just who are you? How were able to approach my pets without alerting them?”

“I am Garruk, Who Speaks for the Wild for the Wild Cannot Speak. I am the god that governs the beasts of this region. Its not as though those animals of yours didn’t notice me, quite the opposite they were completely aware of my presence the whole time. They saw me simply as one of their own, not unlike they way they see you after many years of training.”

“I see? Why did you take my staff only to give it back?”

“What you hold there is an old weapon of the Lunar clan that ruled these lands ages ago. If you had been unable to keep up with me I would have kept it for myself. Now since I’ve decided to let you keep it, you better be willing to learn how to use it properly.”