Exaltation and More!

This is a great time to evaluate and change anything that should be different for your character.

Take a look at your intimacies and consider which relationships or views would be interesting to change now. Or think about what might be worth challenging in the near future. Also feel free to change any intimacies that aren’t working for you on whatever basis, narrative or otherwise.

Make sure your dots in stuff and your specialties and so on still make sense and fit what you want. Since the system is new to us all, feel free to shift something that isn’t quite what you thought. If any changes seem extreme to you, run them by me so I can say yes.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing updated character sheets, just to make sure I know the rules we need.

Edit: More thoughts!

Probably you guys will be some place more populated soon, so here’s something to think about: would you like your characters to have romantic entanglements? That last word is most important – complication is fun, but kissy smoochy time is boring.

I read some good ideas about this the other day. First, the player who wants romance should let me know what kind of character or which character seems interesting (most likely an NPC, unless the other player likes your idea). Second, be ready to create some scenes, possibly with help from me or someone else you choose working from some brief notes, and preferably in the third person (e.g. “He tells her that he loves her,” not “I love you.”)

Most important, think about what makes romance interesting in other media. When someone’s love interest is in danger, when love between two people is dangerous or forbidden or doomed from the start, that’s interesting. A useless/helpless love interest is usually a bad idea (why does this hero want to carry an anchor around all day?) but one who gets into trouble a bit and can often (but not always!) get out of it is great. Finally, this also gives you an easy way to act on an intimacy in a way that may be worth sxp!

I’ll assume this is not what anyone wants until I hear otherwise, of course. But let me know if/when you see a good moment for your character to find that special someone.