Session 3: Le Morte d’Arturia?

Plot Points

Desperate to feast on flesh, the Greenmaw snatches up Arturia with its massive tongue before withdrawing through the jungle to devour its meal. Arza races to cut off its escape while Arturia’s pets frantically pursue. She manages to corner the Greenmaw by the edge of a chasm and choke it with sturdy vines, preventing it from fully swallowing its captive. Arturia’s pets leap, biting and clawing, onto the monster, while a mysterious silvery blade slashes through its neck from the inside. In agony, the Greenmaw tumbles into the rapids below. What will become of Arturia and her loyal companions?

Arza returns, dejected, to see Axel’s troops victorious. Sensing the Silverwights’ desire to push his men back into the woods, he led his men to surround and slaughter them. None too soon – for the last day, a pair of travelers have been trapped in the branches of a tall tree by a larger force of these Wyld creatures. Akurin, a swordsman, had been escorting the newly widowed Liana (obviously an NPC – her name is wrong) to family in Echo Falls. Liana’s early labor drew the attention of the Silverwights, but Akurin’s tireless bravery held them at bay. And in the end Arza’s sorcery served to rescue both from their haven, just as some kind of Wyld energy seeped toward the tree.

Akurin and Arza stood guard over Liana while she delivered her daughter in a traveler’s hut far from the creatures. Their rudimentary skill in medicine was just enough to ensure that nature took the right course, and they once again were spirited away by Arza’s sorcery, this time returning to the scene of the battle. During their absence, Axel had sent his men to search nearby, concluding that the Wyld energy came from something upstream. His instinct was that the ruins they sought were there, and Akurin remembered seeing Realm soldiers pass through his village head the same way. They resolved to find the temple the next day.

As always, Gustav proved invaluable, locating the ruined temple through a combination of his human skills and his avian form. Axel decided to send him in to scout more closely, but when he did not return, Axel was overcome by panic and guilt. He first tried to get the group across the gorge to the temple, but even Arza’s considerable skill was not enough to make their improvised tools into an effective path across.

Determined not to lose his friend again, Axel discarded his armor and weapons to adopt his favorite disguise. He walked toward the Realm encampment alone, tricking the sentries into seeing him as no more than a befuddled traveler. Through considerable will, he stayed calm as they led him around their defensive perimeter and managed to further deceive them into revealing their numbers. He even overheard one whispering about their commander, Mistress Ledaal, before they sent him on his way down an old, overgrown path.

Lingering Questions

Will Arturia miraculously survive falling off a cliff into the rapids while lodged in the throat of a giant carnivorous plant?

Who is Mistress Ledaal, and what does she want here?

What happened to Gustav?

Do I hear a yeddim crying out in loneliness?

Character Details

What did you learn or reveal about your character this time? Feel free to edit this part, you slackers.

  • Axel really is the tactical genius here, not you.
  • Axel is prone to panic when his normally unobtrusive and evasive friend goes missing somehow, robbing him both of his eyes in the sky and an easy escape scenario.
  • Arza is able to keep calm in unusual situations and do more than most people her age, such as almost rescue a companion and deliver a baby.
  • We’ll find out more about how Arza handles the news about Mistress Ledaal next session.

Worst Roll

Not that bad, but Arza’s attempt to improvise some ropes for a daring crossing of the chasm didn’t go well enough to even make a crossing attempt possible. But that could have been a blessing in disguise.


5 xp and 4 Solar xp for all.