Mechanics notes

1) Assume you have a 1 point stunt (+2 dice or +1 to a static rating) if you describe your action using substantially more than game terms. If you’ve used an asset or two to jazz up the action more and it looks like a 2 or 3 point stunt, say so.

2) Let’s remember social influence more. Point out when you’re trying to get a read on someone by steering the conversation or assessing his or her behavior – Read Intentions is very powerful. Any time you’re surprised by a character’s behavior, you have an opportunity to find out what motivates him or her. I won’t give characters hidden motivations with no signal. If there’s something to find, I will hint that it exists and give you at least a small lead.

Since Read Intentions is powerful, do recall that once you fail at reading someone, you can’t attempt to get a read on that character for the rest of the scene.

Finally, I need to be alert to when someone is attempting to influence you guys. For example, people begging for rescue are making a Persuade attempt, albeit one which will likely fail to have any effect on the typically hard-hearted denizens of the Age of Sorrows. Of course, not everyone is so callous….

3) Contested rolls that end in a tie go to whoever has the best stunt. I’ll let you guys vote on that when it comes up, which it did a surprising number of times the other day.


3 thoughts on “Mechanics notes

  1. Eli Post author

    Heh, the reminders aren’t just for you guys – apparently my brain can no longer add things I do not write down. Rule 3 is actually in the book, except for the part where I leave it up to you guys.

  2. Debbie Seacrest

    I knew that, since I’ve read the entire book from beginning to end… I was just testing to see if *you* knew that…

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