Session 1: One Last Job

Plot Points

Arza has found a home as an apprentice to Peleps Havara, the talented Dragon-Blooded physician. Tasked by Havara’s steward with recovering some stolen heroin infusers (for critically ill patients, not for recreation), Arza has very little to go on: the steward hands her a bloody scrap of cloth, hoping her occult skills can find the man the blood came from.

Alas, she is not so lucky, but she does know Arturia, a capable warrior with a few sharp-nosed pets. Arturia quickly verifies that the scent comes from the Brambles. Neither of them feels confident about dealing with the Brambles’ gangs, so they decide to consult with Axel, captain of the Black Feather Flag mercenaries.

The mercenaries are in the process of striking their tents, discouraged by the lack of work after their strongest competitor was granted a monopoly. Despite the substandard pay, Axel figures that the job will be a milk run, so he sets a plan into motion and heads out with the others. Due to the hint of the Swift Swords’ emblem on the bloody scrap, Axel is cautious, but there are no signs of unusual activity in the Brambles. Before long, Arturia’s wolf has tracked the thieves to their den and Axel has called in the troops.

A member of one of the local gangs, the Razor Dogs, is the clear owner of the spilled blood. Axel decides to showcase his wit and diction rather than his tact, so the confrontation with the Razor Dogs escalates quickly. Just as hostilities break out, desperate cries for help ring out from the swamp far below.

Axel isn’t about to let a job go unfinished: while Axel and his men try to wrangle the Razor Dogs, Arturia and Arza race to the aid of the strangers below. A yeddim stomps through the swamp pulling a wagon full of ragged travelers, and a towering, scythe-wielding, undead monstrosity wreathed in a churning cloud of darkness chases after them, bellowing for blood. Arza gets herself and Arturia safely down the cliffs and into position to confront Lorta, the Liminal Exalted.

With clever tactics, skill, and a little luck, Arza and Arturia hold Lorta at bay long enough for the refugees to reach safety. Wearied, wounded, and frustrated, Lorta infuses his body with inhuman vigor and breaks away from the fight. Meanwhile, Axel’s men subdue the gang leaders and force them to divulge the location of their stash.

“Captain, you’ll want to take a look at this.”

Lingering Questions

Why did the gang member have a Swift Swords uniform?

Who are these refugees, and what made that monster pursue them?

What’s in the stash house?

Edit to add: What about that poor yeddim?

Character Details

What did you learn or reveal about your character this time?

  • Axel subscribes to the Rocket Raccoon school of diplomatic thought.

Worst Roll

After Arturia disarms him, Lorta is backed into a corner and desperately tries to disengage and retrieve his weapon. Alas, Arturia’s botch causes her to trip up both her wolf and Arza, allowing the monstrosity to reclaim its grimscythe.

Best Rescue

When a forgotten rule lead to panic and a sharp decrease in the ST’s mental function, Alejo calmly reminded him how to play Exalted. Thanks!


5 xp and 2 Solar (haha) xp for everyone. Everyone acted significantly on intimacies, earning an expression bonus. Now that things are off the ground, greater challenges should give you opportunities for role bonuses as well.

To Do

Give Exalts 5 motes every round, not just the one time I remember.

More rules cheat sheets.

2 thoughts on “Session 1: One Last Job

  1. prions

    Hahaha, “Axel decides to showcase his wit and diction rather than his tact”. Yeah maybe I played him a bit arrogant. I guess I should try a little more Weyoun and a little less Gul Dukat next time I want something from someone, even if I have them at swordpoint.

    1. Eli Post author

      Haven’t seen DS9 since it was a new show.

      I wonder why the gang would put up a fight when they can’t win. Was it just Axel’s needling, or something more?

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