The Timeline Question

So far the connections are:

  • Axel and Arturia (caravan)
  • Axel and Blossom (prior work connection)
  • Arturia and Arza (bandit attack)

The big question is, how do we stitch the start of the story together?  Did Arturia bring Arza to Echo Falls before being offered the job?  Did they meet Arza while on the caravan job?  Or is Arturia meeting Arza on the return trip after the caravan job?  Also, is Blossom to be hired for Arza’s books or for some other prevailing mystery?

I feel like people are being shy on establishing this (politeness maybe)?  Someone pick and start writing it!  😀

8 thoughts on “The Timeline Question

  1. Eli

    Another possibility: When Arturia took the job with Axel, she decided she could use Arza’s help too, and maybe look after Arza, if that’s the kind of relationship they have.

    Also, what’s this strange wildlife I keep hearing about? Someone decide! Stop being polite! I need to know if you prefer to be ripped apart by claw striders, gored by hellboars, or trampled by ox-dragons.

    1. Debbie Seacrest

      I like your thought, Eli, but don’t have time to write about being there right now. Taylor?

      1. Taylor Fricke

        I sorta used my story with Alejo to imply that Arturia is about to encounter the bandit party again. So meeting Arza I think should take place before reaching Echo Falls for the first time.

        1. prions Post author

          Agreed, I picked up on that and ran with it. So the question is, did Arturia bring Arza to Echo Falls (probably yes) and did she bring Arza on the caravan?

          1. Taylor Fricke

            Probably not, this was a job she was offered. It would be too dangerous to bring Arza with her.

          2. prions Post author

            Good point. So maybe Arza is wandering around Echo Falls asking if anyone has seen any bandits? Maybe she’ll run into Blossom that way.

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