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Exalted Campaign
By Prions, with Jason, Jennifer, Will, and Tim
Guest appearance by Tyler

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After the party sans Richard gets back to the manse, Cell takes the cart to Lookshy to drop off the Green Lady pearl. Jimothy starts a summoning-fest with Narula as bodyguard. Richard sinks a ton of boats at a harbor outside a town in Chaya, then heads back.

Jimothy decides to summon Second-circle demons. He manages to get Florivet under his control, then gets ambitious and goes for Octavian. His first attempt fails, but on his second try (the last night before Calibration), he succeeds and binds him. Suddenly his brute squad of 15 Fire elementals becomes less intimidating.

The first night of Calibration, a vast army is detected. It turns out to be composed mostly of an undead army of various sizes, led by the Mistress Robed in Midnight (now with a crazy black evil prosthetic where her hand used to be) and a cranky British-kinda guy with some facial scars leading a troop of mercenaries.

(While the party never bothers to figure out why there's suddenly an undead army, the truth is that the mercenaries, shipped downriver to Chaya and wearing gas masks to protect them from the fire flowers, slaughtered entire towns of helpless drugged villagers to create shadowlands for the undead army to enter)

This is further complicated when hidden tunnels into the manse are discovered. The party uses various techniques to search out the entrances, but one seems especially magical, on the inside of the shaft which used to be the bottomless pit. It seems the ways in are now under control.

The party lies in wait, then burninates the army and sends Octavian in to destroy it. The Mistress Robed in Midnight fights him, but Narula interferes and kills here, while Cell steals the crown off the Scars guy, and Richard hits him. He seems an awful lot of a pansy, which leads Jimothy to suspect he's a decoy. When he loses contact with his troops inside the Manse, he leaves to investigate.

Cell, Narula, and Richard, as well as Octavian, have dealt with the army, and as Jimothy is ambushed by a certain someone (the REAL Scars) they head back, since they overhear some of the conversation on his mirror before it cuts out. The party assaults Scars, but she has crazy counterattack and attack-reflecting charms as well as total control over her initiative, and a pair of firelaunchers, which make her hard to get.

She has, however, used most of her shields to disrupt the demons and rewire the manse, and uses her last one at one point to take control of Octavian when he rushes back in. Cell manages to take Octavian out, while Narula and Richard finish off Scars, but she had used the Hopping Puppeteers to rebuild the Manse back into a demon-summoning portal, which at the stroke of midnight, lets through some weird blast of power that escapes into the night. Since Scars had killed Walter, they are unable to get the manse fixed until too late.

But whatever it is escapes instead of attacking, and the Mistress Robed in Midnight's pool of blood is relocated while it continues to boil, and it eventually goes out (since Scars is dead it can no longer be used to summon the Mask of Winters.... party dodges ANOTHER bullet without knowing it)

The party then walks off into the sunset. The Yozi invasion has been disrupted, if not prevented, and if their story is continued, it will be through the eyes of others.

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