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The latest campaign by Prions, following the continuity of WWOF/HOS/TOF

A test drive of Exalted 3.-1 by the Notorious E.L.I.

An Exalted campaign by Taylor!

Completed Exalted campaign by Prions (2014-2016)

Online Exalted: Trials By Moonlight and The Bull’s Shadow Grows

2013-2014 Exalted Campaign (complete)

Exalted 1-shot adventure, Fall 2013

Exalted Campaign for 2013 (died an early death)

Fall 2012 Exalted Campaign (complete)

Epic Exalted Campaign, by Prions (complete)

Completed Exalted Campaign, by Prions

Spring Break side campaign with Trevor and Ellen

Debbie's Exalted Campaign, Completed

Worst Exalted Campaign Ever - completed Prions campaign

Same players as Spring Break campaign

Jennifer's first Exalted campaign

Campaign DM'd by Alejo and played by Natalie